I'm sure you've gathered I'm not exactly an outdoorsy sort of girl. I would happily stay inside and never venture out into the heat/humidity or deal with any creepy crawly creatures. My children, however, are a different story. Saturday they played outside for hours, mostly with a "teeny tiny" frog. Now I'm not really a fan of bugs or snakes or spiders, but a frog really creeps me out. They loved their new little friend, named him Joe, and kept themselves entertained by watching him try to jump out of a bucket and carrying him around. I'm fairly certain Joe did not survive their love because by the time I took these pictures, he was barely moving. We encouraged them to let him go, and they very reluctantly told him goodbye at the end of the day.


Brian Lewis said…
I think they need a few pets...snakes, frogs, and maybe slimy salamander!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Wow, that IS a teeny, tiny frog! Poor Joe. I hope he made a comeback after his play date...
Poor Joe!!

Doyg hates frogs too... There's a couple of funny stories about ohm and frogs i may need to share one day.
Anonymous said…
i love it! they need to come over and visit our "zoo"! We have 4 snakes, 2 turtles, a lizard, 2 parakeets, a dog and a fish tank!- jeff

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