Let the Scrapping Begin

If you're not a scrapper, please feel free to skip this post. :)

So today is (inter)National Digital Scrapping Day, which means lots of fun sales, challenges, and new designs. Here are a few things that the designers I scrap pages for have created. And this is only a portion of what's out there. I just didn't have time to finish all my pages. Brian has volunteered to not only take the kids to Camden's Fun Fair at school today, but also to work our volunteer session
so that I can camp out in front of the computer today!

(Apparently I have a thing for blue/green papers as well as titles with the word "smile" in them. Oh, well. I never claimed to be creative.)

Lauren Reid/Designs by Lili: Cloud 9

Lauren Reid/Valerie Wibbens: Kitschy Kamera

Gina Miller: April BYOC

Dani Mogstad/Shawna Clingerman: It's a Guy Thing
Darcy Baldwin: Inspired by Denise


Love all of these!

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