Stir Crazy

I ended up spending my Friday afternoon/night and all day Saturday with a sick girl. Rory quickly developed a fever after not feeling well Friday morning, and we made a trip to the doctor Saturday. He put her back on the inhaler/albuterol for the wheezing, and it seems to have done the trick even though her cough still sounds like she's a chain smoker. She was quite a bit better by Sunday afternoon, and I am very grateful. Not just because I hate to see her miserable, but from a purely selfish point of view, it's exhausting. When Rory is sick, she deals by crying. And not sleeping. And crying. And not sleeping. And then crying some more. She sobs over and over, "I just don't wanna be sick, mama." It's as if she can't believe this is happening to her. It is completely pitiful. And exhausting. I'm very relieved that this seems to be contained after 48 hours.

So after the weekend indoors with a 3 year old attached to me like glue, I'm kind of ready for a new week. Since she's been fever free for almost 24 hours and is so much better, we're hitting the grocery store this morning and then hopefully she'll still feel well enough for gymnastics tonight.

In other news, Camden bid $70 (and won) for a pie at our church's annual pie auction. Too bad the previous bid was only for $25. And he didn't exactly have permission. Money means nothing to a 6 year old. :)

Camden comforting Rory after a crying spell. Notice his finger stroking her arm.


Anonymous said…
Camden must be the most compassionate guy in the world!
His concern shows in the pic. (Also his concern for the flood victims!) Love you all, Grandma E.
Mayme said…
So glad she is feeling better. Way to go Camden!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Hope that was good pie! ;)
And how sweet are those two?
That's it, I want a sibling for Spencer.
So, did you really have to pay $70 for the pie?!

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