The Graduate

Last night was Camden's kindergarten graduation, and I'm fairly certain I have never seen him so excited. He literally did not stop talking and explaining about the program and graduation from the moment I picked him up from school until we dropped him off at his classroom before the graduation began. The two kindergarten classes had a combined program. Camden had a speaking part and then there were 7 songs. He knew every single word to everyone's parts and could recite them all. Both teachers commented on how well he knew the whole program. It completely cracks me up because he is fairly quiet in person, but he loves to do programs on stage.

I feel like this is a glimpse into my future. They both look quite mature in their dress-up clothes.

Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz

Gram and Gramps

Us :)

Mrs. Lawrence, his very sweet teacher

Tre, one of his best buddies.
I hope they're friends for a very long time.

At Wendy's after it was all over

He won an award for a 100% in math, phonics, and reading (there were only 4 kids out of 28 who got this award) as well as one for 100% attendance.

And a few quotes from Camden during the night:

  • My favorite way to show Jesus I love Him is to sing. I'm really good singing in the shower.
  • I just want everyone to see how good I am and how well we know our songs.
  • I just love to be front of everyone on stage.
  • This was the best night of my life.
Once again, he is not lacking in the self-confidence department. I actually think it's kind of sweet that he hasn't reached the point yet where he realizes his flaws. Those moments of childhood in which you have supreme confidence in yourself are so fleeting and I know they won't last much longer.


Joy said…
Congratulations and way to go, Camden!! Glad you enjoyed your special night! : )

Love the first photo of the kids - they look so grown up.
M :-) said…
Congratulations, Camden!

I love the pictures - you can tell how proud he is!
KrisJ said…
YEAH CAMDEN!!! What a stud! Hes so handsome! What a good smart boy!
On a side note.. put that outfit in Malias basket when Rory is done!! SO CUTE!
Mayme said…
Congratulations to the graduate!
Elizabeth Frick said…
How adorable is Camden!!! Love the kids in their dress-up clothes. Rory's shirt especially :)
Congrats to the graduate!
Oh my gosh... I could eat them both up they are so cute!!! Your last few sentences brought tears to my eyes. Love those thoughts.
Anonymous said…
Couldn't be "prouder"!

Gram and Gramps
Amy said…
What a handsome little graduate! It looks like a very special night. I know you and Brian are so proud!

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