Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow Day

Brian and Camden are both out of school on an official snow day, but the term "snow" is slightly overused. We have a dusting of white stuff and cold weather, which in Tennessee results in a day off school. I'm happy to have them home today, but we've spent quite a bit of time giggling at our crazy weather people. They've gone from an 80% chance of 2-4 inches (predicted SEVEN days ago) to this morning predicting a possible .5 inches of accumulation. The joys of living in the south in winter. (Mom and Dad, I think this clears up why we thought we were snowed in last Sunday with 6 inches of snow.)

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Digital Design Essentials: Crisp Fall Day

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you get a "snow" day, we drove through probably 4-5 new inches of snow this morning, expecting 3 more! It's beautiful and the kids would have so much fun
!! Love, Mom

Elizabeth Frick said...

ha! weather people... so silly. we have a snow day here too. were supposed to get up to 6 inches and got about 3. but of course, everyone was panicking last night.
MAN! i wish i had known you guys lived in TN when we traveled to Nashville last fall with Adam's work. email me - he'll be traveling there again this spring/summer and maybe we can get together!

KrisJ said...

That cracks me up! We got at least 4-6 inches and we are -10 degrees and we had to send the kids to school! Have a fun "Snow Day"!!

Christine said...

Adorable layouts!