Twas the Day Before Christmas

Twas the day before Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's house
The four cousins together scared away every mouse.
With excitement and energy that never seems to cease
We all wished for a brief moment of peace.

Uncle Brian, being so brave and so smart,
Came up with a plan to take the kids and depart.
McDonald's PlayLand would be a nice treat,
He never imagined it would be such a feat.

With all of the kids safely squished in the car,
The events to unfold would be quite bizarre.
They safely arrived and inside they all went,
Hullabaloo over happy meal toys Brian couldn't prevent.

An order was placed, to PlayLand they would go.
Uncle Brian, once fast, began to feel slow.
With coats and hats flying, and shoes off too,
Ronald McDonald's playhouse turned into a zoo.

With barely a sip of his coffee enjoyed,
Uncle Brian soon heard words of something deployed.
To the bathroom they rushed, a disaster to prevent,
but in the Fruit of the Looms, Brian found a present.

While cleaning and taking care of the situation
Another one entered with a small complication.
"It's coming, it's coming" - the words that were spoken.
Uncle Brian was quick to avoid another token.

With everyone clean, one minus his Hanes,
Brian sat again to gaze through the panes.
When all of a sudden there arose such a clatter,
Uncle Brian wasn't sure what was the matter.

He heard girly screams and a big brother yell "stop!"
Then down the slide she came with a plop.
Her nose and hands were all gross and bloody.
Quite a scene for a girl who is never even muddy.

Another trip to the restroom we would take to clean
A 3 year old girl beaten up by her cousins so mean.
She quickly recovered and returned to the fun,
But Uncle Brian decided he was all done.

Coats, hats and shoes all returned to their places,
Three boys and one girl all with sad faces.
In the vehicle they once again would pile
And Uncle Brian would sigh and hide a big smile.

*written by my funny husband, a.k.a. Uncle Brian


joelsgirl said…
This made me giggle SO MUCH. Merry Christmas!
Anonymous said…
This would even make a tired Mrs. Claus "giggle".
Easily the best poem of the year!!
That was fabulous, funny, and fantastic. I'm giggling over my cocoa here!
Linda said…
That's good stuff! Sounds like Uncle Brian had lots of fun.
Elizabeth Frick said…
My, my... so clever!
Anonymous said…
I feel a distant part of your family. It is a delight to read your blog. Brian is so brave. The age of those four is enough to try the patience of anyone. He did well. Do they give a badge for bravery? Wonderful story and well told. Look forward to starting my day with your blog.Thanks.

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