A new talent

Rory's new favorite past-time.
And I quote:
"Moooommmmy, you messed me uuuuuppppp!"


Have I mentioned lately how she makes me laugh?!
Joy said…
LOL!!! She is totally making me regret we gave our piano away.....
Susanne said…
OMG.. too funny!
Elizabeth Frick said…
oh, that LOOK! a bit dramatic, is she? ;)
KrisJ said…
LOL LOVE that face!! K so my husband bought a pink Broncos beanie and King Soopers for me.. what we did not know is that that automatically entered us into sweapstakes. So we got a call one day letting us know he had one a trip for 2 to New York it included air fair, hotel and a NFL morning show visit! YEAH RIGHT!! Since he was already taking a week off for Thanksgiving and he is a workaholic there was no way he could take more time off so he sent me and my friend! It was an awesome trip.. cant believe we pretty much did it for free!
OMG Melissa...that is the best picture! I love it! What personality she has!
Krista said…
Oh boy... looks like a bit of an attitude showing through? Very cute.

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