The Girl in Black

I decided I couldn't wait until Monday to post these pictures I took this week. It may not be entirely appropriate for a 3 year old, but black is my favorite color for Rory. She looks great in it (if I do say so myself)!


Elizabeth Frick said…
We put Olive in black too :) It seems weird to put a child in black, but it is *so* lovely on our little girls! Rory looks absolutely beautiful!
Soooo beautiful!!!

We like black here too... ;-) It just works so well with the Asian skin tones!
Amanda said…
GREAT pictures! She is so beautiful!!!
Melissa said…
Our favorite color on Molly is black too!

Rory's adorable, as aways!
Maria said…
We like black at our house too. I can't believe how long her hair has gotten. It's beautiful and so is she.

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