My sister's father-in-law passed away unexpectedly Tuesday night, and we all spent yesterday being sad for their loss. I have trouble imagining what that's like. Okay, actually, I avoid imagining what that's like. Camden has been so sweet about it. When I told him, I mentioned that Aunt Liz (who teaches at his school) probably wouldn't be at school, but if she were, he needed to make sure to give her a hug and tell her he loves her. He very seriously told me, "oh, I've already been having a great big conversation with her in my head." When Brian got home from school yesterday and went in to talk to him, Camden said, "I had lots of things to say to Aunt Liz, but she wasn't there so it was all a waste."

I really need to clean this house today, but I think I might just spend some time with this face instead. Well, actually, I still have to clean, but maybe I'll do it during naptime.

Yes, those would be crumbs on her face.
One downside to my new camera - it picks up on the small details you don't want to highlight. LOL


M :-) said…
Melissa, I'm so sorry to hear that your sister's FIL passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Miss Rory - you are just too cute! My boys are in here, and they keep asking when we're going to see you and 'that boy who showed us how to use the slides at McDonald's' (LOL!) again. ;-)
Becky said…
Melissa, that is what photoshop is for!! sweet pictures and I love what a sweet young man Camden is growing into.

PS, maybe it has been this way for a while, but love your new blog look!
And now you know why I love the "healing" brush in PS... or whatever it's called! Sorry to hear about your sister's FIL, but so happy to hear about how mature Camden was. What a sweetheart!
Elizabeth Frick said…
I am so sorry for the loss in your family, but that Camden is such a sweetheart! My goodness, so sensitive! And beautiful shots of Rory! What lovely kids you have :)

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