It's a slow week

Our weeks seem to cycle. Last week was fairly busy; this week slow; next week is quite busy. I would prefer a bit more of a balance, but that's all right. Rory and I have been enjoying the quiet days and I'd like to say that I've gotten lots of housework done, but I've scrapped and spent extra time with Rory instead. I've got to buy some craft supplies because Rory loves them! I'm not exactly crafty so after we'd exhausted the puzzles, Dora, and books yesterday, I pulled out a piece of construction paper and cut up a Christmas tree and then free-handed some circles for her to glue and put together. It was not pretty (due to my barely competent scissor skills), but she thought it was so fun.

Rory and I went to story time at the library yesterday, and do you know the child that is front and center interrupting the teacher to tell them everything from their daddy's birthday to Christmas plans? Yep, that'd be my girl. And when the teacher finally got tired of listening to her and stopped letting her interrupt, she stood right in front with her hand raised waiting for the teacher to call on her. I think she'll be sitting on my lap next time we go.

Lauren Reid: Kwismis

Lauren Grier/Penny Springmann: Breathe in the Rain

Dani Mogstad: Time Flies


Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh, Rory, you make me laugh! So much personality!!!
And isn't it great that kids don't care whether we're good at crafts or not?!

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