Advent Conspiracy

I think I've mentioned Crazy Love on here before. I read it earlier this year, immediately told Brian that he had to read it, and he's now getting ready to start teaching through the book in Sunday School. The principles are all something I've considered before, but they seem to have taken on even new meaning for us this year, especially during the Christmas season. Brian and I have struggled each year to not be consumed with the craziness that has become Christmas: shopping, shopping, spending money, so many activities that you can't enjoy each other, more shopping, etc. This year we've taken even more steps to be very deliberate in how we celebrate Christmas, and I randomly ran across this video last night. It so perfectly describes what we're trying (we're still a work in progress) to do and thought I'd share.


Joy said…
LOVE this post!!!! My sweet Ellis actually wants to make cards and gifts for people this year. He has even drawn a picture for each child coming to his birthday party in a few weeks. He took the time to draw something each child would like ... And it breaks my heart that I know they will all be thrown away. : (. Why can't people just enjoy the simple things in life anymore? Love doesn't come out of a box. Sorry - rant over! ; )

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