Catch Up

I have completely slacked in the blogging department this week mostly because I've been so busy and once I'm a few days behind, there doesn't seem to be a point in catching up. So here's what we've been up to.
  • I spent Saturday getting a haircut and then braving the crowds running about 8 errands. I was gone all day long while Brian stayed with the kiddos. He's always appreciative of me, but he's especially appreciative when he's spent all day long at home with a 3 and 6 year old.
  • Monday was full of laundry, grocery shopping, gymnastics with Rory, while Brian and Camden went to a basketball game.
  • Tuesday Rory and I along with another little girl and her mom made a trip to downtown Nashville to see a Christmas performance at Lifeway headquarters. It was really beautiful, but not especially kid-friendly and we were in the very last row which made keeping two 3 year old girls happy a challenge. We finished up with a late lunch and poor Rory did not get a nap, which made for a very emotional afternoon and evening. Because Camden has had several outings with Brian recently, he decided to take Rory out for a quick date at Wendy's. It was the cutest thing ever - I'm generally the preferred parent for her, but she clearly thought she was so special to get to go somewhere alone with her daddy.
  • I worked Wednesday and Rory spent the day at Gram and Gramps. Wednesday night was church and Christmas program practice for the kids. I have a feeling Sunday's program will be interesting. Rory spent the evening copying every little thing the other girls did while bossing the other 3 year old around. Camden knows all the words and his voice carries so much that it sounds as if he's singing a solo. He certainly does not have stage fright!
  • Today I actually have no plans if you don't count Christmas baking, wrapping presents, entertaining two kids (Camden only has 1/2 day of school today) and trying to keep my sanity. I'd like to fit in the treadmill, but since I haven't all week, why start now?
  • Camden has been BOUNCING off the walls with excitement in anticipation of his Christmas party at school today. Brian says multiply Camden by 21 and you've got his classroom every day. Needless to say, Brian's nerves have been a bit on edge by the end of each day. I think he might collapse in exhaustion if he makes it until school is over tomorrow.
The two girls after the play.

And, finally, it may have taken me 3.5 days to complete, but here's a layout.

Dani Mogstad: Checkin' it Twice


Melissa said…
Noah has been bouncing off the walls too -- and making us literally crazy. I'm glad to know he's not alone. ;-)

Rory's coat is SO cute!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Um. No wonder you haven't blogged! Girl, you are BUSY!!! And I feel the pain of all teachers right now - I used to teach fifth grade. And the time between Thanksgiving and xmas break is the absolute worst. You just want it to end as soon as possible :)
Krista said…
You are one busy woman!! I hope you get a chance to relax!
And oh my... that page is just gorgeous! I really need to start getting back in the scrapping groove.
Kim said…
What a great recap of a busy week. I love that picture of the girls - beautiful. And your layout is awesome!
Wow. I'm tired just reading this...

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