Monday Night Football

I didn't quite get extra sleep as planned last night since I stayed up much too late watching the Minnesota/Chicago football game. Believe me, no one is as surprised as me to read that sentence since I've been an serious football hater for my entire life. I've recently decided it's not so bad and am starting to actually enjoy the sport. Brian could not be happier. I'm a shallow fan, however (and much too competitive for my own good), and like to follow quarterbacks around. Since I like to win, the quarterbacks have to be winners. Apparently, I'm a sucker for old guys since Brett Favre and Kurt Warner have been my recent favorites. Even if I'm a shallow fan, Brian still couldn't be happier (especially since Favre has been his favorite for years).

Today we're unpacking, squirrel hunting (that would be Brian and Camden), making a library run and then taking the kids to see The Princess and the Frog. Even though Rory is not a TV fan (yes, she's back to hating it), she seems to enjoy going to the occasional movie. Or maybe it's just the popcorn she likes. And Camden could watch paint dry as long as it was on a TV/theater screen.

I haven't edited most pictures from our week, but here is one from our snow experience that jumped out at me when I uploaded it. Camden had gone down the hill on his belly and face-planted in the snow so, of course, Rory wanted to do it. We decided to spare her and told her no. Well, Miss Independent went down the right way, but as soon as she reached the bottom of the hill, she rolled onto her belly and planted her face right in the snow on purpose. It was a little more unpleasant than she had imagined. I can't decide which effect I like best.





Amanda said…
I love the original one. I love the pops of color against all the white of the snow!
Melissa said…
That game was a total heartbreaker. I'm still upset about it 12 hours later. I adore Favre, but we seriously need a new coach. Anyway ............ I love the pictures! Did the kids enjoy the snow?!
Melissa said…
Melissa, I thought about you during the game!

And, yes, the kids LOVED the snow. It was seriously cold out (northern IL so the windchill was single digits) and we didn't let them play outside nearly as long as they would have liked!
Elizabeth Frick said…
I like the original too - the color is just gorgeous!
Becky said…
well, you know me, I have to be difficult and like the funky processing, so my vote is for vintage!

your post just cracked me up--you with the football watching and philosophy about who you root for and Camden watching paint dry!!

loved spending time with you last week--we live way too far away!
NeeNee said…
Wow, those pictures are fab!
Unknown said…
Well, I am totally not a football fan so I have zero to comment about that! LOL! As far as the pic, I think I like the original or the vintage! For me it would depend on the kit I wanted to use to scrap it! LOL! it's totally precious btw!
Anonymous said…
Glad you all had a good time and made it safely home. We thought a lot about you.



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