Newly Random

I haven't done this in a while so I made sure to accumulate my list this week.
  • On Wednesday, Rory called me Brian or daddy. All. Day. Long. So I called her Camden.
  • Every time Rory coughs, she says "I okay, mama." Then she coughs again, and says, "I still okay." She also does this as she runs through the house and falls or runs into doors (which happens alot!).
  • Camden informed us he was Rory's illustrator. We finally figured out he meant translator.
  • We have a long-standing tradition of telling our best and worst thing of the day at the supper table. Now that Rory is a little older, she loves to join in. Actually, she loves to be "the winner" and ask the question first. Unfortunately, she gets the question a little off and asks "what is your favorite thing you didn't like." She also doesn't understand the concept of best and worst and ends up either telling us every single thing that happened in her day or will tell us some random thing is her favorite like taking off her shoes when she got home or dropping Camden off at school.
  • Camden has a new habit of just mouthing words to us when he's trying to tell us something, usually when he doesn't want Rory to know. It totally cracks us up, especially because the words are generally accompanied by hand motions and Rory figures it out.
  • We've had 4 milestones with Rory this week. (1) She's called Camden "Canna" ever since she came home at 17 months with no progress in her pronunciation. Today, she suddenly started calling him "Camen." (2) This week she noticed someone on TV and came running to me and said, "she is SO pretty, mama." Thank heavens it was just a normal, healthy looking actress! (3) In the checkout line at Wal-mart, she poked me and said, "Oooh, that lady has a big belly! Is there a baby in there?" Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure there was no baby. Fortunately, the lady in question did not hear Rory's question! (4) She's finally tall enough to scramble up the step stool and use the potty on her own. Unfortunately, she can't reach the sink so I'm still required to be around to help her wash her hands.
  • Camden continues to amaze us with his newly acquired reading skills. He is improving by leaps and bounds. In fact, he's done so well that Brian (as a teacher) has felt bad we weren't pushing him earlier! We are now going to join the ranks of delusional parents who think that their smart children are geniuses.


Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh. Too, too cute!
Bekah said…
I always love your random lists! I have a feeling that there is always a lot of laughter in your home.
I've missed these!! I'm laughing hysterically over here!
I wish I was so much better at documenting that sort of thing!

Um...wet wipes are your friend. We have been known to allow those for the kids to use after the potty sometimes!

I love it when the kids figure out how to read. Tonight Ethan and Daddy had some alone time and he didn't want to work on the Christmas train or watch TV, he wanted to read with Dad! I love it!

Keep the random thoughts coming!

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