Our Weekend in Pics

I figured the easiest way to tell about our weekend was just to show the pics. And let me preface the pictures by saying that I love my new camera, but am very frustrated at my own inability to take good pictures indoors. It's totally my fault because I don't have a CLUE what I'm doing! I need an extra couple of hours in the day to try to read tutorials and improve my photography skills. Okay, rant over.

Friday night Brian's parents came over for pizza and presents.

Gram, Gramps, and the kiddos

Camden had TWELVE ornaments from school to show us.
And yes, there was a story behind each one.

And, no, I did not take a picture of each one.

Can you tell he's excited by his new train?

Rory got a new puppy that she was pretty happy about.

And a new Dora tent that's pretty fun.

She must be my daughter - she found her baby,
moved the tent, posed and said "take my picture!"

No pictures from Saturday's activities, but we were quite busy. A trip to Nashville running errands for Brian, lunch at the Olive Garden and shopping for me, haircut for Camden, and lots of playing around for Rory.

All dressed up for the Christmas program

They were all so cute and did a great job.

With Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz

Rory got this from Michael and Liz and has not put it down since.

"Look, but don't touch, Camden!"
Brian is helping out at the upholstery shop where he used to work today, we're opening presents with the kids tonight and then headed out early tomorrow to Illinois to visit my parents for Christmas. I'm desperately trying to get the laundry done, the house back in order and all of us packed while entertaining two very hyper children! It's only taken me 4 hours to get this blog post up. My blogging schedule will be pretty non-existent for a while, but I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


KrisJ said…
Indoor pics are the pits! LOVE Rory's dress they kids look adorable! Have a great Christmas!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh my goodness, the kids look FANTASTIC!!!
What kind of camera did you get? We've found that the lens makes all the difference on indoor pics. Have fun playing with it!
Melissa said…
Oh my word - Rory's dress and coat are SO cute! The two of them looked adorable for their program.

Have a safe trip to your parents house. Merry Christmas! :)
LOVE the photos of them in their "dressed up" clothes! Too cute!
Elizabeth Frick said…
BTW - are you guys in the midwest?
Melissa said…
Elizabeth, we're just outside Nashville, TN.

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