Random Holiday Tidbits

  • One of the little girls from children's church wrote in a Christmas card to Brian, "Thank you for teaching me about God (a.k.a. Jesus)."
  • When asked in children's church where baby Jesus was born ( looking for "stable" as the answer), Rory piped up and said, "in Korea!"
  • When Camden unwrapped his Transformer Bumble helmet (which goes with the Bumblebee arm he got from Michael and Liz), he was jumping up and down in excitement. He said, "Now I'll definitely never be bored again." Not to be outdone, Rory jumped up and down and said, "Now I am definitely going to be bored."


Elizabeth Frick said…
Ha! Love the "bored" comments!
Your kids are why I want more than one child some day. Too funny.

And "In Korea!" - priceless.

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