Anyone else glad it's Friday?

Brian and I barely survived yesterday. The kids had a very off day; I spent most of the day in the kitchen, which is one of my least favorite places to be (I'm not very domestic as anyone who knows me can attest to); poor Brian had a bad day with his group of 21 fourth graders (and I won't even go into how horrible one of them behaved which involved multiple visits to the principal's office and finally a call to the parent to come get the child); I was not very patient with Camden and Rory for which I feel badly. Thankfully, today is a new day and I can start all over again. Brian only has to work a half day today and then he'll be off for two whole weeks (woohoo!). His parents are coming over tonight for supper and to exchange gifts, and the kids are very excited.

Here are a few things about the girl and boy from this week:
  • Rory's new favorite word is "sumpin." As in: Let me tell you just one sumpins. Can I show you sumpin? Let's talk about sumpin.
  • Camden's stool is Rory's new best friend. She carries it everywhere, uses it to sit on the couch with the stool as a footrest, uses it to use the potty, to turn the lights on, to play the piano, etc.
  • Camden apparently overheard me telling someone that I can always tell right away if he's had a bad day at school when I see his face, and every day since has walked to the car with an ugly, mean look on his face trying to fool me. Of course, he can't hold it long and breaks down in giggles before he ever makes it to the car.
And because I hate to post without pictures or layouts (and I've got nothing new in either category), here's one from last week of Rory in her new favorite spot.


And now, I'm laughing hysterically. I am VERY glad it's Friday. I need a weekend... NOW
Elizabeth Frick said…
All I know is... it's almost the weekend!

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