Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More Errands

I remember writing on the blog back when Camden was 2.5 that when we went to places like a grocery store or the mall that it was like he had pure sugar running through his veins. He danced, he wiggled, he giggled, he ran, he sang along with the music, etc. Well, it's still the same way when we go out except these days he's playing Star Wars or Spiderman in the grocery store aisles. He jumps from tile to tile, he sword fights imaginary Star Wars people, he throws spiderwebs at other shopers, he runs into people/other carts/displays because he's so caught up in his own little world. It is exhausting. He's not really misbehaving or being bad, he's just so in his own little space that no one else exists. I could be rich if I had a nickel for every time I have to say, "watch where you're going," "please don't run into that lady," "please don't crash into the display," etc. We had multiple stops to make yesterday, and by the time we got home at noon, I was completely done. And there's Rory who wants me to hold her instead of riding in the cart (impossible when I'm trying to push a full cart and keep Camden from knocking everything around us over). When I do try to rein in Camden and make him hold on to the cart, she screams because he's touching "her" cart. She also wants to engage everyone we see in conversation, and I spend lots of time hissing whispering, "we don't talk to strangers." Exhausting, I tell you.

We're doing it all again today. Rory had a hearing test about 6 months ago and failed one frequency on the right side and they want to recheck it. So we're doing the hearing test; I'm letting the kids pick out a cupcake at GiGi's; we're making a library run; and looking for baseball cleats for Camden (practice starts this week). I may not survive two days of errands in a row.

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Becky Derby said...

This sounds like my life with the boys, I was so hoping that they would grow out of it soon, but what I am hearing is no such luck! :)

Jaime said...

Yep, you would be the Melissa! Ok, you made ME exhausted reading that. Asher is the same way.