A Working Woman

I got to spend the morning visiting with Andrea (otherwise known as Christian's mom), drinking coffee, and it was almost kid-free! Camden watched cartoons while Rory played endlessly with a bucket of play-doh toys.

I'm headed back to work tomorrow to help train my replacement (yes, ten months later). I was looking forward to it, but the closer I get to having to have myself dressed up, fixed up, made up and two kids out the door by 7:20 (did I mention none of us are morning people?) the more nervous I get. It's amazing how after 12 years of work, I'm out of practice after only 10 months. It will be good to see my work friends and to actually use my mind a bit! It's the longest stretch that I've ever left Rory so I'm having a bit of anxiety over that, but she will most likely be fine. After patting her to sleep for a week or so before Christmas, we've had 2 weeks of blissful sleep, but she had problems last night and again today at naptime so I'm really hoping we're not taking two steps back. It's almost as if she can sense I'm leaving because she's been quite clingy this week.

Other than that, things are pretty slow around here. The kids came in yesterday with lots of dolls and informed me that they have 5 kids (notice that all dolls with removable clothes are naked - a favorite past time of Rory's). Apparently, I'm going to be a busy grandma.
Kate Hadfield/Kaye Winiecki: Merry and Bright


why are you training 10 months later?? and naked dolls and barbies are an everyday occurence here too (and Ethan playing w/ them too) =)

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