I know most of you Northern people are laughing at me, but it was 11 degrees here this morning, and that is just plain cold (although the high in Illinois where my parents live is supposed to only be -2 today and that's just miserable!). In general, I like winter because I like to experience seasons and not the same weather all the time so I'm not upset at the cold weather, I'm just cold! Somehow we've turned into a pioneer family and are using a wood stove so I've spent the last couple of days running up and down the stairs throwing wood on the fire (a phrase I never thought I'd be using about myself). It feels like we're braving the elements just to take a shower, which happens to be the furthest room away from the woodstove. Oh, well - I guess we're saving some money on electricity. At least that's the excuse Brian uses so I'll put up with it.

I'm meeting Mayme and Angel tonight at Gymboree and then we're going to The Cheesecake Factory for dessert - definitely looking forward to that! Did I mention there are no kids involved?

Rory's new word is "shuppert?" As in, when are we having supper? I've heard this dozens of times in the last two days. Camden has a bit of cabin fever and is driving me a bit bonkers. If it weren't so cold out, I'd send him outside to run around the house a few times. Since that's not possible, I'm spending more time than usual playing games, reading books, and attempting Lego creations in an effort to keep the peace (and sanity) at our house.

Gina Miller/Tiff Brady/Kate Hadfield: Good Tidings


Joy said…
You are brave - I shopped online! Too cold for me! :) Hope you found some great deals and enjoyed your free time.

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