Our first trip to the circus was a success! Camden was so excited he could not contain himself. He's a pretty big talker anyway, but he was breaking records for number of questions per minute. Rory didn't seem too impressed. She just sat on my lap and took it all in without too much of a reaction to all the craziness in the arena! I'll try to work on pictures for tomorrow.

All of my sleepless nights caught up with me Saturday and I stayed in bed or on the couch all day. Brian took the kids to sign Camden up for baseball and then took them out to eat at a local Chinese buffet. You can read about the experience here. It sounded interesting. It felt like a little piece of heaven to actually be alone in the house for a couple of hours!

Rory reached a specific milestone this weekend. On the way home from the circus, she called out, "mommy?? Nanden . . . . . . . pick . . . . . . . nose!" Yes, we've got another tattletale in our house. She's still at the stage where she has to really think about her sentences when they come out so they're very slow, and it's so funny because you can practically see her little brain working as she tries to get the words out.

I'm anticipating my kiddos to sleep in this morning. They were still up and playing in their beds at 10:00 last night despite the fact that they were down for the night by 8:30. Apparently church last night was quite invigorating.

Our Monday includes an exciting day full of grocery shopping and laundry! :)

Dani Mogstad: Frosted Flakes

This one is featured on the Hodge Podge Art blog today. It was
excited to be asked to participate, but a little nerve wracking!
Gina Miller: Beautiful You


Kresta said…
So cute that she tattled! Love your LOs!
Unknown said…
LOL at the tattletale! :) Love the hat in your layout- great pages!
Tracy said…
Love the hat LO! I'm glad you had fun at the circus...we haven't tried that experience yet.
Lena said…
Naomi is just learning to put sentences together too...how funny! I wanted to tell you how pretty your blog was, too. Love ti!
ComfyMom~Stacey said…
Very nice pages!
Anonymous said…
Can't decide if I love the layout or the hat more!
love all of it... the circus!
We went last year and had lots of fun too! Love the hat and the layout!....
I love the story of Rory! (P.S... I remember seeing/hearing about her and looking at her pictures)...
I need to type up a letter like this for both of mine too!
Jacinda said…
Oh, that hat photo is exquisite! How gorgeous she is!

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