My day at work yesterday was so good. It felt as if I'd been gone for a weekend, rather than 10 months! I've spent most of my adult life either attending the college or working there and it kinda felt like going back home. Unfortunately, the poor woman who is replacing me is a bit overwhelmed at the moment, but I know she'll catch on soon. I'm going back Monday to help again and maybe another day or two in the coming weeks. I was also able to have a fabulous lunch with my friend, and it was wonderful to spend time with her. Rory did just fine at Gram and Gramp's house although she was very clingy and wouldn't let Brian near her. We heard "no, mommy do" ALOT. She also fell asleep at supper - it was pitiful (and also really funny). She literally could not hold her head up. Since we're such compassionate parents, we pulled out the camera so expect a video soon. She was in bed at 6:45 and Camden by 7:00!

Our weekend plans pretty much consist of nothing except watching the Titans game tomorrow. I am not a big football fan (okay, not a fan at all unless I'm watching Friday Night Lights), but I've agreed to make Brian happy by pretending I'm really excited about the big play-off game tomorrow afternoon.

Some random things:
  • You should not go to the grocery store when you are (a) hungry, (b) cranky, (3) really tired. I went in for mayo and sugar, and walked out of the store $18 poorer with lots of food that's really bad for you.
  • Why is it that my 2 year begs to walk the minute she hears the word "go bye-bye" but my 5.5 year old wants to ride in the cart?
  • Along the same lines, why is she incapable of moving from room to room unless she's on my hip at home, but the moment we hit a parking lot with moving vehicles, she MUST walk.
  • I found Rory trying to climb up onto the bathroom counter this morning by piling up the living room pillows on the floor.
  • I may have to ban Kung Fu Panda from our movie collection. Camden wants to do nothing but Kung Fu, and I'm tired of all the screams when he accidentally knocks Rory over. I think he's seen the movie 3 times in the last 2 days.
The kids slept for over 3 hours today at naptime, so I scrapped! You can find the kit tomorrow at SSD.


Karen said…
We're having that exact same Kung Fu Panda problem, but with no sibling yet for Sam to knock over. I'm a bit bruised, though. I don't always see it coming!

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