Happy New Year (belated)

I'm having trouble blogging this week since our schedule is all wonky (not to mention how slow my computer is running these days). We've basically had no schedule, which has been fun, although the kids are starting to feel the effects of crazy nap and bed times. I'm a pretty much a fan of routine/schedule and am feeling the effects of no schedule as well. (Wow! That's alot of "schedule" for one paragraph!)

We rang in the New Year with a church game night, and it was fun. We were all home by 10:00, and Brian went to bed, but I stayed up well past midnight. Yesterday we took the kids to see The Tale of Desperaux, but the movie time was wrong on their website so we ended up seeing Madagascar instead. It was Rory's first movie, and she was pretty enthralled with the whole experience. She lounged on my lap eating popcorn and dancing to the music. We started off with a napkin full of popcorn for her, and every time I would refill the napkin, she would swat my hand away because she thought I was eating her popcorn instead of giving her more. When everyone else was finished, we just let her have the bag, and she would just push my hand away and say, "no, mommy" if I tried to eat more.

Rory woke up with a serious cold yesterday and seems to be a bit worse this morning. So far no fever, and I'm hoping it stays that way. I do think she's going to have to miss the birthday party we were going to tonight. Camden and Brian will have to represent the Lewis family.

Just a few things that are happening around our house these days:
  • Rory walks around asking, "doing, Daddy?" over and over and over.
  • Camden has pretty much given up naps. I know that I've said that before, but it's true this time. He still has to spend some quiet time in his room, but it's been over a week since he's actually slept.
  • Rory has become a serious daddy's girl these past two weeks while he's been home. I'm not happy about it! We've noticed that whoever gets her out of bed in the morning has her heart all day long.
  • We heard this from Camden, "Look at me, daddy! I couldn't reach the cups so I just went into the bathroom and got the one from the tub." Yes, he was drinking out of the bath cup. Disgusting! He was so proud of himself for solving the problem on his own, though.
  • Rory continues to undress herself more and more often at naptime. I thought I had the problem solved by moving her to one-piece p.j.'s, but she figured them out. Yesterday, she took a FOUR hour nap with no clothes on. Surprisingly enough, she didn't wet the bed either. Last night I caught her in the act of taking the p.j.'s off. She only does this in bed. Any suggestions on how to stop her? It's only a matter of time before we have serious potty accidents in the bed.
  • "mommy, come here" while crooking her finger at me is happening alot these days. It was cute the first couple of times. She is quite insistent!
  • I was scrapping a picture of Camden when he wore his shirt and tie from Gram and Brian asked him "who is this handsome devil." Camden replied, "don't call me a devil - it reminds me of sin."
  • "Hush, mommy," "Stop, Camden," "no, mommy, my talk" etc., are becoming staple phrases around our house from Rory. She is going to be a challenging child to say the least.
  • Rory loves the phrase, "Ready, Set, Go." Unfortunately, "set" comes out like sh**.
  • Camden loves all things Star-Wars. Of course, he's never seen the movies, but apparently you can learn everything necessary from the little Lego Star-Wars set.
I've decided on no New Year's resolutions for 2009. I am going to set some specific goals for each month, though. Here are January's:
One final, but very important thing for today. We're having a day of prayer and fasting for Christian on Monday. You can read more about it on Brian's blog.

I have not scrapped nearly as much as I thought I would during this break. My computer is almost maxed out and running very slowly, which is so frustrating! I did count up all the pages that I've printed this year that still weren't in an album - 240 - so I think it's okay if I'm not scrapping every day!

Julie Bullock: Feelin' Happy


Amanda said…
That's a whole lotta pages. I got a kick out of things your kids are doing and saying now. Funny stuff! Hope Rory feels better soon.
Anonymous said…
Hey Melissa,
I'm glad you're getting to enjoy some fun days all together. Have you tried the one-piece PJs on backwards -- you'll have to cut out the feet if there are any :)
Here's to saving yourself from some messy accidents!
Amy said…
You really cracked us up with Rory's "Ready, Set, Go!" and Camden's devil/sin comment. I know there is never a dull moment around your house. :)
Vonda and John said…
Hey there - my friends daughter figured out how to get out of her one piece PJ's that were zipped up the back. They finally began to duct tape the diapers on at night. It was funny watching them prepare her for bed one night - but that was the only thing that would keep her diaper on.


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