There's nothing like grocery shopping in the frigid weather, wind blowing fiercely, snow swirling around your head, 5 year old literally running circles around your cart Kung Fu Panda-ing the whole way, 2 year old begging "my walk," accidentally hitting your 5 year old in the head with a bag of canned goods, having the cashier say through her tobacco in the side of her cheek, "you shore do make pretty babies," finding a pack of toilet paper under your cart that you forgot to pay for, running back inside to pay for it only to discover you left your purse in the car to make for an exciting grocery trip. Sometimes I think it might be better to just shop at night after they go to bed. It was kinda one of "those days" all day yesterday.

I was planning to take Rory to apply for her passport this afternoon. It's a good thing I decided to check on the regulations first because they require BOTH parents to be present. I'm going to have to find out what their hours are and Brian might have to leave work early one day next week. We've got to get it done because we need the passport first before we apply for the social security number, and we cannot claim her on our 2008 taxes without the social security number!

Once again, no scrap pages or pictures - sorry!


Amanda said…
LOL sounds like one FUN shopping trip you had!
Chris said…
oh man....sorry about your crappy adventure!
But seriously...the cashier said that? You've got to be kidding me.
M :-) said…
What a day! I can't believe the cashier said that.

We're getting M's SS card before the passport ...

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