Our Weekend

So we ended up with an eventful weekend after all! First, the shopping (see previous post), then our vacuum cleaner died after 11 years of marriage (and it was used when we bought it), we had a night out at Logan's Friday night, then went to the Korean United Methodist Church (NKUMC) for an event they hosted for families who have children adopted from Korea.

This is the first event like this that we have attended, and while I am very interested in playgroups and other adoptive families, I am even more interested in exposing Camden and Rory to native Koreans and the Korean culture. The church people could not have been more gracious and kind to us (we could certainly take lessons from them in hospitality). The event was very well-organized and was amazing. There was ALOT of Korean food, lots of helpers from the church, some Korean music, a children's choir and dancing. The director of their Sunday School program sat at our table, and she was so fun to talk to. They were all so very interested in everything we had to say and so interested in our kids. It really was amazing. I don't know if all adoptive parents feel this way, but whenever I have the opportunity to be with Korean people, I am just in awe of their culture and their beauty (there were such seriously handsome boys/men and beautiful women/girls there last night) and feel such a connection to them and to their country because of Camden and Rory. I'm not explaining this well at all so you should probably read Brian's blog - he's probably talking about it too. Clearly, I don't know how to put into words how emotional I feel about this. We would love to attend this church to be honest. Well, if it weren't for the minor detail that Brian is employed by our church

I'll be the first to admit that while I didn't love all the food, I did try all of it (which is quite an accomplishment for me). Rory, on the other hand, dove right into the chop chae and spinach/seaweed/green stuff and loved it! Those were two of her favorite things in Korea as well. Camden easily mastered the chopsticks! Brian, of course, was in food heaven. The church had several photographers and they are going to be posting pictures so I'll send the link when I receive them. I'm sure they'll be much better than our pics!

Camden loved the bulgogi and the fried chick/shrimp stick the best.

Brian's plate

Camden thoroughly enjoyed himself!

Loving the chop chae

Family pic

I told you she dove right in!

Using the chop sticks


Oh fun!! We're thinking about socializing with the closest Korean church as well (which is really not that close) to keep the continual exposure to the Korean culture for our child. I'm definitely in if there's going to be yummy food involved at times!
Joy said…
We had a great time too (and I really enjoyed the food!). I hope we are able to stay in touch with the congregation and attend a few services when they move to their new location. I want our kids to be exposed to their birth culture - whether they choose to embrace it or not. It was an amazing evening and everyone was SO very gracious.

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