Inauguration Pics

I gave up on trying to keep warm in the computer room yesterday and just closed the door (hence, no blog post), but it's slightly warmer today so I think we're good to go.

We're headed to Nashville this morning to attempt to get a social security card for Rory as well as update Camden's card from "resident alien" to "full citizen." One of these days, the paperwork will be over!

A few random bits:
  • Camden asked me last night if the Spanish word for telescope was telescopio.
  • I caught Rory Tuesday sneaking up behind Camden while he was in time-out (for probably the 201st time that day) with a wooden spoon in her hand ready to spank him. Luckily, I caught her in time. Pretty sure that would have resulted in WWIII in our house.
  • I am not one for wishing my children were older - I'd pretty much like to keep them little, but these last several days I find myself (desperately) wishing for kindergarten. Camden is driving us all a little crazy.
  • We let Camden watch American Idol Tuesday night. During prayer before bedtime, he prayed "for the American Idol singers who can't sing. And just please help them to learn."
  • Rory has learned to use the phrase "oooohhhh, nassy" (nasty) quite liberally.
  • Our electric bill came yesterday and is about $80 more than usual for the 12/1-12/31 period. Interesting, since we had WARM weather in December and used wood heat on cold days. Hopefully this is not a new trend!
Here are a few pictures I took during the inauguration Tuesday. We had the TV on pretty much all day. Of course, while I tried to keep Camden and Rory from killing each other I missed the actual swearing in.

Camden ran for the microphone during Aretha's song
(after asking incredulously "what is that thing on her head?"

An unscripted photo. They actually did quiet down just
for a moment when President Obama started speaking.


Joy said…
LOVE that last photo!!!!

Good luck at the SS office - we will be there next week. Not looking forward to it! :)
I still need to change both of their cards...Do you have their COC already? I thought that was the only way to change them to citizen and not resident alien! ARGH I completely agree with you about the paperwork!
OMG I think that picture of the two sitting there in front of the TV should be framed...what a cool can still see Barack in the TV!
Love that last picture!

(Also love the random bits - they always seem to make me laugh... a great addition to the morning coffee!)

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