Back On-line

First things first - Christian's surgery was successful (this is the same one they tried to do last week) and his pain was much, much better. They should find out the biopsy results in the next day or two. Thank you for your prayers.

So I discovered yesterday that I possibly am addicted to my computer. I couldn't believe how cut off from the world I felt! Between my on-line adoption friends, scrapping friends, email, not to mention just the general information that I use (directions, phone numbers, bank account, etc.) the Internet for, it felt quite strange, but a good reminder that maybe I'm spending too much time on the computer.

Because we ran lots of errands yesterday (both in the morning and evening), this is really our first day back to normal. The kids, especially Rory, are having a bit of trouble getting back into an independent play routine. Hopefully they'll get back in the groove soon. Camden requested a Pajama Day and considering that it's gray, foggy, raining and 45 degrees, I happily complied. We're planning to watch Kung Fu Panda at 10:00, and Camden has been giving me a minute-by minute (literally) update on the time.

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