Big News

We had lots of excitement in our house yesterday - Rory used the potty for the first time! We've noticed that she's been completely dry in the mornings when she wakes up. She's started the whole stripping routine at naptime again and so when I got her up yesterday afternoon I decided to just try. It only took a few minutes, and she was so excited. She kept saying "big girl!" Of course, the candy that I gave her afterwards made her very eager to try it again and again and again, etc. She would sit down, wriggle her little butt, look up at me and say "big girl" with a huge grin on her face. No more success, though.

Rory is the most polite 2 year old you'll ever meet. She is constantly saying, "thank you, mommy" and "bless you, mommy" and "excuse you, mommy" in her cute little voice. Well, she's had a cold for the last couple of days and every time I blow her nose (which is approximately every 60 seconds), she thanks me. And every time she sneezes, without missing a beat, she says, "bless you, me." It makes me laugh every time!

We've all got a bit of cabin fever after several days home, and unfortunately, I think we're stuck here at least today. Rory's cold is bad enough that I don't think she should be out and about. I'm going to give Camden some extra TV time and maybe Rory will eventually join the cartoon bandwagon.

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