Hanbok pictures

I failed to mention that yesterday was the Korean Lunar New Year. One of these days I'm going to get my act together and plan an activity such as cooking a Korean meal or learning a Korean game or at the very least reading a Korean culture book. But for now, I did take hanbok (traditional Korean dress) pictures.

First, I thought I'd take us all back 4 years ago to this sweet baby boy. I miss those round chubby cheeks and wish that I'd had a better camera so that I would have more pictures (I did not even know SLR's existed!). Here is Camden on his first birthday.

And because Brian clearly likes to torture his only son, he actually made him put on that same hanbok. Camden was not happy. I can't say I blame him. We laughed hysterically, which did not help his mood.
Rory was not so happy about this whole hanbok thing either (but look at how beautiful it is!).
She was not happy with the hat (and I have no idea if I've got it on correctly or not).
She finally cheered up when we told her enough times how pretty she looked.
Honestly, this is soooooooooo her color. I always wished that I would have had a professional studio picture of Camden in his hanbok. I might just have to do it for Rory.
And then the girl in the pretty dress went and put on a pair of Camden's camoflauge underwear over her diaper while I put away the hanbok. If you only knew this girl, you would be in hysterics all the time. Her smile and giggles are just completely infectious (and she is rotten to the core!).


love love the camo undies! wonder if you can find them in girls in PINK!

I can't believe Camden still fit into his hanbok!!!

Like you I need to be sooo much better about sharing the kids korean heritage with them!
Anonymous said…
Goodness how cute are they Melissa!! BTW, I tagged you on my blog today. ;)
Oh my goodness - I feel for Camden!

Rory is always beautiful, but she's a show stopper in that hanbok!
Joy said…
We did the same thing to E - I think he's happy it doesn't fit anymore! :) Camden looks very handsome and Rory so pretty in their hanboks.

If you find the pink camo undies, let me know. I'll get S a pair too!! LOL!!
Anonymous said…
oh my goodness, I laughed out loud at that picture of Camden!!! So funny! and yes, Rory is the cutest thing ever--her hanbok so beautiful!

I want to be there when you cook that Korean meal! :)
Anonymous said…
That is the funniest picture of Camden ever!!!!!!!!

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