I worked again yesterday (just half a day). Once again, it as good to get out of the house and work, but I am looking forward to going back to a regular SAHM schedule (a.k.a. not leaving the house at an ungodly hour and staying in your p.j.'s as long as you want).

While I worked yesterday, the kiddos stayed with Mayme and Emma. You can see pics on her blog. If you read the paragraph below the pics, you'll see the "bossy" word thrown around. It's true - Rory is very bossy! Unfortunately, I haven't quite figured out how to say "worry about you're doing instead of everyone else" in 2-year old language. They had a really good time. Rory walked in, saw the big-screen TV and mountain of toys and completely forgot about me. It's the first time she hasn't cried when I've left her (much less just leave the room) in months. She didn't move off of my lap yesterday afternoon and evening, though, so I know she missed me.

Those of you in the adoption world have probably already seen this blog and heard about Abby, but just in case you haven't - she is a 4-year old little girl (adopted from Guatemala as an infant) who has a rare, agressive form of leukemia. She is at a crucial point in her treatment. I copied this paragraph from her dad's post yesterday that I thought was so interesting. By asking people to join a prayer effort, we bring God joy as He sees His children care for each other; we demonstrate to the world that we are knit together in love and have concern for those in our Christian family we have never even met; we witness to others who are without faith or weak in faith as the widening prayer circle encompasses those in different phases of spiritual growth (or have none). I've thought about this concept over and over in the last day and a half, and it looks at prayer in a different light than I've really thought about before. Obviously, my mind went directly to Christian when I read this. There are just so many children and families who are going through unbelievably hard circumstances.

I have not scrapped or taken cute pics, but I hate posting without something, so I'll leave you with this picture of Rory on Sunday showing us her cheesy smile.


Jaime said…
OMG I must know where that dress is from!!

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