Thursday, October 30, 2008


Domestic life has been difficult around here this week. The kiddos have been challenging, to say the least. I am hoping for a much better day today (and have my fingers crossed!). I have all kinds of bribes (I'll admit to it) lined up as well as plans to get out of the house and hopefully that will help.

We're making a trip to Nashville since I'm in desperate need of a library and Target run. A local photographer is doing quick Halloween pictures and I think I might take Rory up for pictures. They're cheap (I think they're assuming you won't just buy the cheap package), and she looks adorable in her costume and I could send pictures to grandparents (which I haven't done in a while). We'll see how our time goes.

And speaking of photographs, we ordered our Angela Crutcher prints on Monday evening, and I am so excited. I think we won't receive them for another 2-3 weeks. Our gallery was only up for 3 days so if you emailed me asking for the link and then couldn't get in, that's why. Hopefully, we're getting a proof book. Otherwise, I'm so sad that I'll never see the proofs again - they were amazing!

Camden asked me yesterday, "What do you dispose this is?" Love it when he tries to use bigger words and doesn't quite get it right.

And one more page!

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Chris said...

this is FABULOUS Melissa- I LOVE the colors! I can never get my "Sweet Shop" layouts to look this cute....

Erika said...

Beautiful page and beautiful family! Your daughter is so pretty and it's sweet (though understandably frustrating) that she's so clingy! (By the way this is "eloise" from Amanda's CT)