Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Almost Vacation

It is almost like being on vacation to just have one child! Seriously. I'm remembering why we thought having two kids would be so easy - because having just one is easy. Rory and I had a great day together yesterday, and she was in such a great mood . . . . until Brian came home. Not sure if she was mad at him because he wasn't there yesterday (after being home for fall break, she was probably used to having both of us around), but as soon as he walked in the door, her mood changed. She would not smile at him, would not give him kisses, clung to me, etc. She didn't act upset; she acted mad! We'll see what happens today.

After supper last night, we decided to walk down to our neighbor's house and pick some apples. She is a sweet lady from our church, and was happy for us to come. To be perfectly honest, I was just looking for a couple of apples and a good photo opportunity, but we came home with 3 big bags of apples so I need to find something to do with them today. Rory was hilarious. She was in the stroller and just was waving wildly at everyone who drove by. We made the mistake of starting out a little too late in the evening and by the time we got home, it was cold and completely dark outside.

Camden is at my mom and dad's house this week, as you know. I talked to my sister yesterday (who is also there) and at church on Sunday, someone came up to her and asked if Camden understood English. He was sitting right there with her. He didn't understand what she meant, of course, but this is a perfect example of why I worry about Camden and Rory. People are always going to make assumptions about them based on their looks. We've had this happen to us several times and eventually Camden is going to be mature enough to realize what it means. We've somehow managed to land in probably the least diverse area possible, which means we'll just have to work extra hard to make sure that they are comfortable and secure enough in themselves that things like this won't bother them.

Hopefully I'll get to scrap today. And I've got pictures from the City Museum to share, but I'm waiting to get pictures from Becky before I post any. I did scrap this page last week, and it's my current favorite because I love the picture so much.


Joy and Jason said...

I understand what you mean - I have been asked who the "oriental kid" belongs to!?!? It's so sad this still happens.....

Enjoy your week with Rory - I'm sure Camden is having a blast with grandparents! ;)

M :-) said...

One kid is very easy! Now that we have three, two kids seem like a walk in the park compared to three. LOL!

Enjoy your one-on-one time with Rory. I'm sure she's loving it - and I'm sure Camden is loving all of the attention he's getting from his Grandma & Grandpa. :)

Karen said...

Your posts this week have made me want to soak up all the one-on-one time with Sam that I have left! I know it will be different with two...

As for apples, we recently picked 23 lbs. I made this pie for Rob and I think he would have married me for this alone!