Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Trip

If you haven't been to St. Louis recently, I highly recommend it. We had a blast, although much of our good time can be attributed to family not necessarily the city. But St. Louis does have a ton of things to do, and 48 hours is not exactly enough time to hit more than a couple of attractions. My aunt and uncle were gracious enough to host all of us at their house, and we loved spending time together.

We met everyone for lunch Thursday and then hit up the St. Louis zoo. I can remember going to the zoo many, many times as a child. It is huge, free, and has so many animals (although if you're looking for animal pics, look elsewhere; I can't be bothered with pics I can't scrap. LOL). The weather was perfect and because we were there on a weekday in October, the crowd was pretty small. We saw quite a few baby animals, as well as some wrestling gorillas and a stork chasing an antelope.

Friday we went to the City Museum and had a blast! I think it's mostly for primary and junior age kids, but the adults enjoyed it quite a bit. I don't really know how to describe it to you, so you'll have to check out the website. I don't have great pictures, but I will say that we've got several bumps and bruises from all our escapades there. I did a whole lot more climbing than I've ever done in my life probably and spent lots of time 3-4 stories up in the air with not much between me and the ground. MonstroCity will definitely bring out your inner child!

We drove home Saturday afternoon, dropped off our luggage, and went to a benefit for Christian Wilson. His friends and family did such a great job of putting it together in a very short period of time, and they were able to raise approximately $11,000. We won a Dora Kitchen set in the silent auction which will be Rory's Christmas present. They had signed CD's from Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley and more, as well as signed guitars from Alabama and Big and Rich.

Sunday afternoon was a baby shower for Emma, and she got lots of cute things, and we had fun visiting during the shower and then at the spaghetti supper later on.

Did I mention we're down to one child? Camden is staying with my parents this week and couldn't be happier about it. He can hardly stand to talk to us when we call because he can't wait to get back to all the fun. I have a feeling after a week with Grandpa, Uncle Matt, and Uncle Michael, the transition to normal life might be a bit difficult. I'm pretty sure I can't compete with all the attention they're going to give him!

This morning I met Amanda and Melinda (my former boss's wife) for coffee and had a great time visiting with them. Oh, how I miss my old job and being a part of the community there!

After coffee, Rory and I hit up Belk's just to look around and then grocery shopped. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to spend quality time with just one child. We had so much fun - Rory was very sweet this morning and seemed to enjoy walking around and shopping. I think it will be good for her this week to get some individual attention.

Okay, I think you're all caught up. I'll post pictures later, probably in installments.


Amanda said...

I had so much fun as well this morning visiting with you and sweet Rory! The pictures look great and looks like ya'll had a wonderful time.