Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

We're taking the kids trick-or-treating for the first time ever tonight. We've always had fall festivals to attend, but our church isn't having one this year so we're going to take Rory and Camden around to a few of our friends. I haven't talked about it very much because I didn't want Camden to ask me 100 times a day, but the word is apparently out since he prays every meal and night "to really enjoy trick-or-treating." I think we're going to make Halloween cupcakes together today. Baking (anything in the kitchen really) isn't my kind of fun and doing it with two kids is even less fun, but I know they'll have a good time with all the sprinkles and icing so we're going to give it a try.

Our weekend is downright boring compared to last weekend, but that's all right. I'm pretty sure Brian is ready for the break. He is helping out with a benefit for Christian Saturday night and will need to do some preparation for that, but hopefully it won't be too time consuming.

I've left the house two days in a row now with no make-up on. This is not a good habit to get into! I've been making it a point to try to run small errands almost every day. You wouldn't believe how much better the kids are after a little bit of time away from the house (not to mention that I feel better too). Today's errand is picking up some ground beef and Diet Mt. Dew that is on sale from the local grocery store (I told you they were small errands!).

I had a feeling we might start of the photo shoot this way She rallied, though

Camden said,
"Rory's a butterfly or mesquito or some kind of bug."

He LOVES pretending to be scary

Is she sweet or what!

A much happier Batman


Joy and Jason said...

Precious - LOVE the costumes!! :) Have a Happy and safe Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos!

Amanda said...

Their costumes are so cute! Bethel is having a fall festival tonight if you want to bring the kids.

MyEbella said...

they are adorable.... and love the costumes!
and who needs a professional photographer look at those awesome photos!!!

Kelly said...

Amazingly adorable!!! I love the "scary" Batman picture!!! Rory is such a beautiful little bug!

KrisJ said...

They both look so dang precious!