Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Life in Pictures

It started at the zoo

Noticing a theme yet?

How about now?


My personal favorite
After almost 8 months with us, I have finally become Rory's favorite person. I can't go anywhere without her - she is permanently attached to my hip. Now, I'm not complaining, but it is exhausting! She's never been a cuddler. I don't know how she was in Korea, but after the initial desperation of our first 3 weeks home, Rory is not a cuddler. Not with me anyway. But she's finally decided that maybe it's okay to cuddle with your mama, and I'm very happy about it. I would like a few moments to use the restroom alone, though. :)

And this boy right here is going through his own stage. He came home from Illinois last week in overdrive and hasn't stopped yet. He is in a constant war zone (of his own making) and wants to wrestle, fight, etc. with anyone and everyone who will participate. And if he can't find someone to fight with him, he'll just pretend. He's been quite challenging with the talking back and bad attitude, and I will admit to not being the most patient of mothers this week. My parenting book I started a couple of weeks ago is mocking me from the book shelf.

We didn't do much yesterday - mostly I was referee between the two kids in the few moments Rory left my hip. They did both take GREAT naps for which I am thankful. I also gave the apple pie recipe another try and this time it turned out great. We pulled out the 30-Day Shred DVD last night, and I'm feeling it this morning! I know, the apple pie story and the working out story do not go together, but doing the DVD made it possible to eat the apple pie, right?

My Wednesday group is coming over in a little bit this morning so I should go wake the kids and get them dressed. I still have Owen Farm pictures to share so maybe I'll get to them during naptime today.


Christine said...

Great pictures! (As always!) And great news on the attachment front! Wasn't it just a few weeks ago you left the house and she didn't notice?! Yay attachment! (Although I do understand wanting a few moments to yourself...)

MyEbella said...

sounds like the attachment is moving in the right direction! Stick with it and someday she won't want to be carried or want you around (the teen years) so enjoy it now even though potty break is a team effort (at least that is what I tell myself about sleeping with an extra body in bed with me!)
have fun with your group today!
P.S... If you figure out how to curtail Camden's attitude, will you let me know we are struggling with the same thing!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures...particularly of Rory holding out her little arms to you!!!! (At first I thought the theme was ROLLER COASTER rides...LOL!)


Oh...and Myebella is right! eldest, Darcy, was my SIAMESE twin from the moment we received her at 8 1/2 months until about 2 1/2 years old (know what you mean about just wanting to go to the bathroom without having to hold your baby in your lap or have her screaming, clutching at your ankles!)...but, as Myebella pointed out, this too will pass...Darcy is now 13 and TOTALLY embarrassed by her so uncool mother. Be it at the store or in church, she puts us much geographical distance between her parents and herself as though, if she WALKS far enough AWAY from her parents and younger siblings, no one will realize SHE belongs to this family, too! LOL....I get my revenge by buddying up to HER, now, and throwing my arm around her as much as possible in public--payback is so much fun!!!