Friday, October 24, 2008


As you can see Camden made it back home and I think they were both happy to see each other. Camden came home H.Y.P.E.R!! But they both played really well last night and just giggled and giggled at each other. I'm sure that will all come to a screeching halt when the newness wears off. :)

We had a first yesterday - Rory threw her first temper tantrum. I'm surprised we've made it this long. Camden had certainly started throwing major fits before age 2. I sat on the couch with her for over an hour yesterday morning reading books, singing, etc. but I needed to get some housework done, and she was not happy about it. This wasn't being sad because I wasn't with her - this was most definitely a mad cry because she wasn't getting her way. It lasted about 10 minutes until I came in and told her to stop and get down and play. We've seen lots of typical 2-year old behavior this week - stomping her little foot and evil looks when she doesn't get her way are the most popular.

We're meeting my friend Kathy and her kids at the mall today. We haven't seen them since July, so I'm excited about spending some time with her.

We have a fairly busy weekend. Saturday morning is Camden's soccer tournament. Saturday night we're going with our Sunday School class to see Fireproof. Sunday after church we're going to a pumpkin patch with church friends. I'm hoping the weather cooperates. Otherwise, I'll be taking the kids on my own next week!

Monday morning is our court date to finalize Rory's adoption. This is the day she officially becomes a Lewis as well as a U.S. citizen so it's a very big day in her life. Brian has the day off work, off course, so he's looking forward to a 3-day weekend. Unfortunately, we'll be celebrating alone since we have
no family attending. My parents had originally planned to attend, but when our date got pushed back, it just didn't work out (they made it up for her birthday instead!). I'll post weekend pictures and finalization pictures Monday afternoon.

Enjoy the weekend!


MyEbella said...

OMG melissa frame that first picture! How nice of Camden to finally get home, I'm sure a week is a long time to be away from him!
Happy Finalization Day and sounds like you guys have quite the busy week planned!
have lots of fun and can't wait to see pumpkin patch pictures!

Joy and Jason said...

LOVE the first photo! (Let me know when they start fighting again...LOL!!)

Anonymous said...

I'm still very sad we can't come Monday! I'll be watching for pictures. Mom