Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lots of things

Lots of thoughts rolling through my head this morning so I'm sure this post will be all over the place.

First up, the video. While I am more excited that you can imagine that we have this little glimpse of Rory while she was small, it is such a reminder that she has not always been "ours." I'm sure other adoptive parents can appreciate the fact that at some point you almost forget that they haven't always fully belonged to you and that they haven't always imprinted on your heart. And the honest truth is that my children could have belonged to anyone. Biological children are uniquely yours - they couldn't exist as anyone else's child. But my children, without God's hand in our lives, could have been someone else's pride and joy.

I've been reading over the last few days about being frugal and different ways to do that. I'm part inspired, part terrified about all the changes many families are making in their every day life to reduce monthly expenses. We've certainly done several things to cut back, but still have areas in which we could do better. Although, let's be honest. I don't really want to do better on some things. Life is easier with extras! We'll see how far we take it in the coming weeks and months.

I haven't posted alot about attachment/adjustment here, but I did just want to say that Brian and I both feel like things are improving. Even this week, we both have felt Rory just seems "softer" (for lack of a better word) towards me. It's encouraging to see improvement.

Speaking of Rory, her little two word phrases are really taking off. And if Brian doesn't respond to her "dada" in the first nanosecond, she starts repeating, "Brian, Brian, Brian" to him. It's so funny. Her favorite book is one Camden brought home from K-4 last year called "I Love School." She walks around the house with it saying, "cool, cool, cool, I la cool." We read it OVER and OVER.

Remember a couple of weeks ago Rory watched Elmo and JuJu (Curious George) on TV and liked it. Well, I haven't turned it back on for her. But yesterday, she pointed to the TV and said "Elmo, JuJu" over and over. I'm all too happy to comply! And what a memory she has!

Camden is going through another growing-up phase that's not alot of fun - lots of attitude and back talk and lots of "that's not fair" going on around here. Thankfully, the little M&M trick still works pretty well (he starts off with a pile of M&M's every day and loses one every time he complains, doesn't obey immediately, etc.). His prayers these days, however, are very thoughtful and sweet. He's getting alot better and not just repeating what we've asked him to remember and not just rushing through them in order to get finished. Rory's new prayer involves reciting the names of everyone she can remember over and over usually with "Emma" stuck in there every few names.

Have I mentioned how much I love naptime? We're on a great streak this week. Rory has slept 3 hours each day and Camden has slept 2. I know - they're not typical kids on the napping thing, and I'm very lucky!

The kids have not played well together this week at all! Mayme, Shelly, and Emma are coming over this morning so maybe a change of pace will do them good. I think the weather should be back to normal today as well which always helps. Brian has a church thing tonight so I'm on my own basically all day, including soccer practice tonight. Have I mentioned we're going to be really glad when soccer is over?

Okay, that's probably enough random thoughts for today. I seriously love the pictures in this layout. Rory makes these facial expressions too many times a day too count and they never fail to crack us up.

Robin Carlton/Zoe Pearn: A Little Bit Flirty


Riggs Tribe said...

I was wondering if you have heard anything from the lawyer? I called them today but nobody answered the phone, so I e-mailed them. I thought we would know the court date by now. I also wanted to let you know (Brian may have told you) that if you need someone to keep your kids so you can go to Christian's prayer service I would be happy to do it if they would stay with me. The video is very sweet. I knew has soon as I saw it that you would have mixed feelings about it. Well talk to you later.