Sunday, October 26, 2008


I'm exhausted! We've had a busy, but fun weekend. Camden's soccer tournament was enjoyable, even though he did lose both games (that was not a shock!). We had lots of fun with Michael and Liz laughing at Camden's antics on the soccer field. We came home, put the kids to bed, got them up and took them to Gram and Gramp's house so we could go see Fireproof with some friends from church. Even though it was only a few short hours, it was nice to have some kid-free time. The movie was cheesy, but had a great message, and Kirk Cameron is a champion crier let me tell ya!

Today we had church, then went to Owen Farm with more church friends. It could not have been a prettier day, and the kids had so much fun. Well, Camden did anyway. Rory was seriously feeling the effects of a late night and then no nap today and has been extremely clingy - definitely a mama's girl (which I don't mind at all). Came home and let her nap on my lap then back to church and now we're finally home and everyone's down for the night.

Tomorrow morning we have our court date to finalize Rory's adoption and then we're just spending the day at home. We wanted to do something fun together but decided that this weekend was plenty of fun for everyone!

Despite the fact that I did take over 200 pictures today, none of them are perfection, but here is a sneak peek of the Owen Farm pictures.
Yes, that's a pig our daughter is petting. Yes, the same daughter who is usually terrified of cats and dogs.

Anyone in the Christmas spirit yet? Here's a picture from 2006!

Dani Mogstad: Holiday Spirit

Halloween 2007
Jaime Young/Rachel Young: Witching Hour


Joy and Jason said...

Sounds like a fun (and full) weekend!!

Congrats on Finalization Day - can't wait to see Miss Rory's pics! :)

Jaime said...

looks like you had a blast!! Cute pages too! :D