Thursday, October 23, 2008


I experimented with the apples we picked and made homemade applesauce (tasted great!) and my very first apple pie (not so good). I have serious ADD when it comes to reading recipes, and my apple pie experiment was no exception. I chopped off a chunk of my thumb cutting up apples, included the oatmeal in the pie instead as part of the crispy topping, and then the pecans on top burned. Nice! I think I'm going to try again this weekend.

Rory and I made a trip to Nashville and stopped by the college. It's the first time I've been there since May! It was fun to spend some time there catching up with friends.

Rory is turning back into a mama's girl, which I am thrilled about! She's also been consistently reserved with people she doesn't know well for last couple of weeks, which I am also thrilled about! It's a definite step forward. Of course, she's also going through a very scared phase (scared of loud noises, dark rooms, etc.) so I think it's probably a combination of progress and a phase. Camden went through this same phase at the same age. He was terrified of motorcycles!

Camden is traveling home today and should arrive just in time for supper and his last soccer practice. The tournament is this weekend. It's double elimination so I think they'll play at least two games on Saturday. If they win a game, then they'll play 3 games or possible play on Sunday afternoon. Considering they've hardly made any goals much less won a game this season, it's doubtful they'll start on Saturday. We are definitely requesting a different coach for next year!

After all the great coffee we had last week in St. Louis, I find myself in need of a hot drink in the mornings and since Brian's coffee-making skills (or lack of) are legendary in our family, I've started drinking hot chocolate. So I'm off to drink some hot chocolate and then clean this house! I've put it off all week and have spent extra time with Rory, but she's gonna have to play a bit on her own today so I can get the house back under control.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Two comments:
1. Melissa's pie wasn't as bad as she makes it sound.
2. My coffee isn't bad. Melissa and others who will remain nameless just don't like it because it doesn't cost five dollars a cup and you don't have to hold your pinky up like a rich snob when you drink it.