Thursday morning

Wednesday night in Seoul, we decided to try to go out for supper about 6:00. We had directions from some other friends who have been here (Beth, we did not end up finding the restaurants you mentioned), and we walked and walked for probably 30 minutes in the frigid weather battling rush hour! Honestly, by 7:00 last night, I was just beat! We did find a Mr. Pizza (their slogan is "Love for Women" LOL) and it was decent. We stopped at a Starbucks on our way home and then arrived back here about 8:30. I was in bed by 9:00, woke up at 11:30 and played on the computer until midnight and then we both got up a little after 4:00 this morning and after a quick trip to the corner market at 5:30 a.m., we were able to call both of our parents this morning, and it was wonderful to hear English! We're going to get showered and dressed and then head out again for more shopping and sight seeing. I'm wondering if a nap might help this afternoon so we don't go to bed quite so early and wake up early. Oh, I've finally figured out that we're 15 hours ahead of Nashville time - now that makes for some serious jet lag!

This video is of our first excursion in Seoul. Look for more to come later.

SaRang's foster mother gave us a CD of 235 pictures of her, and we are so excited to have them. I will post a few each day until we're home and have "up-to-date" pictures. We are both seriously in awe of her smile. And, I'm already noticing a little father/daughter love - Brian just keeps saying, "she is so beautiful." It's very sweet.

November 18, 2007

October 23, 2007
September 30, 2007
(this is only 2 days after she arrived at the foster family's house)


M :-) said…
OK, honestly, could she be any cuter? Seriously! Molly loves looking at her, and my boys are in love with little Rory. They are having so much fun watching the videos!

Your videos are making me miss Korea even more than I realized. The subway - the endless steps - the endless walking. Oh, how I miss it!

I, too, could not wait to call home so that I could hear English. I found myself talking REALLY slow - LOL! I had gotten so used to talking SLOW to try and have people understand me, that it was hard to switch gears and realize that my Mom understood English. LOL!

Like you, I was always in bed around 7-8pm and then up at 3am every single morning. The 15 hour time change really messes with you, although we really didn't suffer from jet lag much at all. We were beat, but nothing too terrible.

I hope you guys are enjoying your Thursday. Sorry for writing so much! ;)
Helena said…
"Hilary Hair Shop." Ha! I wonder if she knows? ;)

It's "dong" with a long o. Rhymes with... ummm... nothing. Like "dome" with a "ng" at the end.

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