Snow Day!

Sometimes living in the country with a couple miles worth of side roads is worth it. It's a snow day for all of us. Brian and Camden are both out of school, and I'm taking a personal day off work. I decided a while ago that I wasn't going to risk the commute anymore driving on icy roads. It's just not worth it. Of course, it helps a bit that I've only got about 2 weeks left of work! We're all looking forward to a nice quiet day at home. Brian made pancakes for breakfast, and we've all had hot chocolate this morning.

Not much else is going on. In preparation for our trip to Korea, I'm doing my best to keep the house clean and all the laundry done so I won't have to worry about it when we get the call. I think I might start working on a packing list today.

I did scrap last night while watching American Idol.


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