Rough Day

Today has been very difficult. Without going into any detail here, we got some news regarding a potential medical condition with Rory. We've asked the agency to allow us to do the testing here in the United States rather than wait on the doctors in Korea, and we're hopeful they will allow us to do that and this won't delay our travel call. Of course, we're mostly just concerned that she is okay. It is difficult when your child is sick at any time, but when your child is across the world and you are completely not in control of what happens makes it 100 times worse.

We're still not logged in at the NVC. The sweet supervisor at the NVC actually went down to the mail room digging through all the paperwork and DHL packets trying to find ours, but ended up giving up on it so we don't really know where the paperwork is at this point.

Our I600 did arrive today, and it was dated January 17, so we know we lost at least 3 weeks because of the immigration office's mistake.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring better news.


Angie said…
Just wanted to let you know we are saying an extra prayer for you guys and Rory tonight. Hope everything will be ok. You may not have any control but God does!!
M :-) said…

Many prayers.
Bretta said…
Sorry you've had such a bad day, Melissa. I know how you feel because my 17 yo son was really sick while on a mission trip to Mexico last summer and I felt so helpless. Prayers are with you and your family
MEI said…
Hugs to you. You're all in my prayers.
Jodi said…
You're in my thoughts and prayers! I hope that you can get Rory home soon and get her any medical treatment that she needs! Praying the paperwork issues are cleared up really soon, too! Hugs! I know this part is so hard!

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