Thursday update

We heard from Korea this morning. The bad news is that Rory's official medical diagnosis has changed and they want us to make a decision about whether or not we will bring her home. The two possible scenarios they gave us sounded very scary initially. We did discuss the situation with our pediatrician, and he was not overly concerned and cannot see how they could have diagnosed her based on the tests that they have done. Either situation will probably mean some reduced physical capabilities, but not diminished life expectancy or mental capacity. They're going to contact Korea this evening and have them send us her most recent developmental updates.

The good news in this is that she is ready to travel, which means that as early as next week, we could be heading to Korea!


I am sure you have such a mix of emotions right now...I'm sitting here in tears just trying to imagine all that you must be feeling! I love you bunches and am praying that you get Rory home soon & that the doctors here can give you reassuring news. She is so lucky to be coming to such an amazing family!

Love you!
Karen said…
I can't imagine what you're feeling either, Melissa, but I wanted to tell you that Sam had some pretty scary scenarios associated with his file, too. A pediatric neurosurgeon told us, just like your doctor did, that it would be nearly impossible to make such diagnoses with those tests or at his age. I know every situation is different and that you have all of the details, but please know you're in my thoughts and prayers. I know you are probably just bursting with anticipation waiting to finally meet your beautiful girl!!! (((HUGS)))

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