One last post from Seoul

I wanted to post one more time from Korea in case anyone is still reading after we wrenched your hearts out with the last video. LOL

SaRang slept from 8:30 last night to 4:30 this morning, napped again from 6:00-7:00, and again 10:30-12:00. I think we have worn her out!

We did decide to make a trip to Dunkin' Donuts this morning. SaRang clearly likes to be outside and to walk. In fact, she walked the entire way there (and it took us 20 minutes to walk yesterday so that's a long way for little legs). We decided to take the subway back because it was so cold (and we were getting lots of looks and stares from the Koreans), but we got off the wrong stop and ended up walking at least as much if not more than the way to Dunkin' Donuts.

After SaRang woke up at noon we sat outside in the hallway with the American couple and their 9 month old baby boy. It was nice to have some adult conversation and to talk about our experiences here. We fed SaRang lunch, and she seems to have turned a corner. She spontaneously gave me two hugs and is currently playing on her own with a toothbrush. This is the first time she has played at all, and she is walking around laughing.

We're taking a taxi to a local nearby hotel, and then a bus to the airport from there. I'm definitely nervous about the trip home, but I'm trying to stay positive.

Two last things. She is definitely my daughter. She wants her hands washed after every bite, and they didn't call her strong-willed in her reports for nothing.


M :-) said…
It sounds like things are going really well. I'm praying that she does well on the flight home.

Safe travels!

Jaime said…
This is so amazing! I am so happy for you guys :) I just watched the video of you getting her and I am so emotional. I know I have told you before Melissa that I am adopted myself and so this just tugs at my heart a lot. So many emotions for me to witness it. Be safe coming home. I have a special gift I would like to send to you guys if that is ok. Melissa, I still have your address in my book from when you guested for Two Sisters I believe and I will send you an email. Congrats again to your cute little family! :)
Anonymous said…
Praying you have a great flight home and SaRang does really well. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and especially the videos (even though I'm out of tissues in the house now).
Christine (tinetine)
Anonymous said…
Last night, All of my family read your postes ,saw pictures and watched videoes.
(ALSO! As soon as I woke up, I visited your blog.)
As you know, SaRang is very smart,clear girl. I'm sure that she will be adapted well at your home.
Thank you very much!!
I'm so pleased that I can keep in touch with you.
Thanks, again.

Ok, you guys owe me like 12 boxes of tissues! I am so glad she's in your arms and you guys are on your way home. I can't wait to see how it goes with Camden!

I'm so glad to hear she's having a better day!
chelle belle said…
Prayers here for a really good, smooth, contented flight home, and further milestones for a healthy attatchment! Congratulations you guys! She is absolutley PRECIOUS!

Thanks again for letting us "come along!".

(holt bb)
Anonymous said…
Melissa and Brian-
We are so happy for you. Watching your video brought back so many memories for us. Leaving the hospital with Quentin was such a happy occsion and yet our hearts were absolutely breaking. We knew that God had blessed our lives with such a beautiful baby boy and yet we felt so guilty for leaving with him. We also cried the whole way hone-only 30 minutes verses your 20 hours! But we do understand. Even though you are doing the right thing for Rory, it does not make it any easier on the human emotions. We are thinking of you and praying for you. You and Rory are truly blessed!!!!!!! David, Kim & Quentin Derby
Anonymous said…
wow! What an amazing journey that you have been on and will continue to travel. Thank you SO much for sharing this- it is truly amazing.
We adopted too, although our daughter is technically related to me, we didn't know her. She was in foster care and we traveled to see her every other weekend for nearly a year.
Watching you see your daughter for the first time and bring her home just floods my heart with memories.
I hope and pray for many happy days, a peaceful transition and love beyond measure for you and your family. Thank you again for sharing! Your family is absolutely beautiful!!!
Anonymous said…
I am so happy for you Melissa! She is beautiful and it sounds like she will be 100% comfortable with you all in no time! Congratulations :)
Kelly said…
Praying for a good flight home!! She sounds like an amazing, tough little girl and we will continue to pray for healthy bonding with her! What a little beauty she is!!

(Holt bb)
Anonymous said…
Congrats! from the Burkerts Your blogs were so touching! I am so happy for you Cant wait for you to make a trip back home to see us. We will be praying that everything goes well. Love you and cant wait to meet Rory in person. Gail Lance and Jacob
Karen said…
I'm so glad it's going well! I hope your flight home was uneventful! You're in my thoughts and prayers.
Scott said…
Hi guys,
It was so phenominally awesome to get to see you with your new daughter. I hadn't known about all your videos and stuff on your blog until yesterday and hadn't gotten a chance to see them until tonight. I'm not overly emotional but even I am sitting here almost crying as I watch the video with you getting SaRang from her foster home. Melissa, you and Brian are such wonderfully good parents and I know how blessed you are. I continue to pray for you both as you raise your family. I am SO happy for you both. Will talk to you soon, glad you are back safe.
love Scott
Anonymous said…
We are so glad that you are all home now....the video are so sweet..You are brave ones to travel so anxious to hear about the homecoming!!
We love you,
Uncle Jean and Aunt Lillian
Anonymous said…
Congratulations!! Now just sit back and enjoy your "now" matching pair of Lewis'. They are beautiful youngins'! Don't let your Mom and Dad and Rodney and Linda spoil her too much!
Brian you look more like your Dad everyday!!!!!
Vicki Lynn
julie w said…
Hope all went well on your trip home! Be sure and post new pictures soon! I am so happy for you all!
What a beautiful family God has given you!!! God is so good!!!
Julie Wilson
Wendy said…
Hope all went well on the trip. Thinking and praying for good adjustments for all! God Bless!

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