Monday update

And this is why I can't just relax and enjoy the thought that Rory should be home soon. Our agency got a fax from Korea this morning stating that the test is going to be done Thursday and then they'll let us know whether or not she can travel. I'm so frustrated about all this! Frustrated that she might be sick and we can't do anything about it. Frustrated that it's more likely she's fine and this is just precautionary, but we still can't do anything about it! Please pray that we hear something Friday, and that it will be good news.


Karen said…
(((HUGS))) and lots of prayers.
Oh Melissa!! Lots of prayers for you & Rory!!!!
Amanda said…
Just letting you know that I will be praying this week for you guys!
M :-) said…
Oh, Melissa ... (((((Hugs))))) Don't you just want to hop on a plane? I'm PRAYING that Rory is fine. I hope you hear something right away on Friday morning.
M said…
Praying for good news and fast news. Keep us posted.

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