Camden was so sweet last night. At 4.5, he still thinks it's a big treat to help me around the house, so we worked on laundry, the dishwasher and general picking up last night. He was so helpful! Brian is glued to the computer these days trying to research our trip and figure out the best way to share videos while we're in Korea.

I made the best chocolate pie over the weekend (mom and Becky, it tastes just like the Village Inn’s chocolate pie). The recipe came from Pioneer Woman’s blog, and if you want to see all her pretty pictures of the pie and funny description, click here. Otherwise, you can just copy the recipe from here.

Chocolate Pie
1 baked pie shell (no, I did not make mine from scratch)
4 oz. unsweetened chocolate (I used leftover Dove dark chocolate melts)
1.5 cups sugar
2 sticks butter (yes, the real thing)
4 eggs

Melt chocolate and set aside to cool. Mix 2 sticks softened butter with 1.5 cups sugar until fluffy. Add melted chocolate and mix well. Add 1 egg and beat 4-5 minutes (yes, it’s a really long time). Repeat until all eggs are in there. It really does take 20 minutes of beating! Pour into baked pie shell and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Serve topped with cool whip and chocolate curls.

I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Camden’s K-4 teacher Saturday morning discussing Camden’s recent behavior, and it was a bit discouraging. He has apparently made friends with one of the more immature (I’m trying to think of a nice way to put this) boys in his class, and it is drastically affecting Camden’s behavior at school. I was pretty shocked to hear that he is pushing and shoving other children, having instances of direct disobedience to his teacher, etc. This is what my mild-mannered, sweet, affectionate boy has turned into?? Unfortunately, even at age 4.5, children can make bad choices in their friends and so, while it may seem drastic to some, we have informed Camden that he is not allowed to play with, sit with, or be friends with this little boy. His teacher suggested that we take this action because Camden’s behavior has changed so much.

We’re supposed to receive a current update on Rory today, and I am so excited. I have my hopes up that there might actually be a picture. I have absolutely not reason to believe that there will be, but I’m hoping. And, of course, if there is I will post it here as soon as I have it. Yes, even during work hours. Because, seriously, who can focus on work at a time like this.

Here is a page I scrapped over the weekend. This is a picture of Camden that I took last week when we stayed home from school. He kept trying to catch the snow with his tongue.


Karen said…
Sam gets in with the "wrong crowd" sometimes, too. Too bad Sam and Camden can't play with each other! I'm glad to hear the pie was good. I made the rest of her Valentine's menu and it was the best meal we've ever made. I'll have to try the pie next! Hope you get good news and pics today!

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