We had a nice weekend in general. The trip to Chucky Cheese was postponed because Camden had such a horrible day at school (we're talking a 2 page note from his teacher!!). I'm not really sure what's going on with him, but she did mention that he has been spending alot of time with another boy in the class who is in trouble often and she thinks his behavior is rubbing off on Camden. I'm hoping we can get it under control!

I was wrong on Friday when I said Brian only has a 3 day work week. That's not until next week so he started off today as normal by getting up at 4:00 and grading papers!

I'm very busy at work trying to prepare to leave for good. I don't think it's really quite hit me yet that I will not be returning to work. I have a feeling the next two weeks could go by very quickly!

We talked to our pediatrician on Friday night, and he was very reassuring regarding the news we had about Rory. Brian and I are both feeling much more at ease about it. Hopefully, Korea will honor our request to cancel the testing and let us take care of it when she comes home.

I did scrap some this weekend. It was the first time in weeks that I felt like it at all. This page uses pictures from Christmas. We were trying to get pictures of Camden, William, and Xavier, and as usual it was a disaster. I didn't get one single shot I could use of the three of them together. In fact, didn't get one of William at all!


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