International Mail

We had an interesting mail day yesterday. My baby carrier arrived from Korea, and I received the nursery print I'd ordered from Scotland. Fun! I love this artist and wish that I could buy canvas paintings, but I settled for just a print. I almost didn't order anything because I was having so much trouble choosing a favorite. I ended up ordering Brian's favorite, and it is going to look so good in the nursery. I definitely plan to order from her again. Her name is Suzanne Woolcott. Her Etsy shop is here if you want to look around. Another Etsy shop I really enjoy is Boutique Mia. The handmade dresses are so sweet!

Memphis emailed me this morning and said that they have delivery confirmation that the packet was delivered to the NVC at 10:07 yesterday morning, so I'm not sure why the NVC is showing that they don't have it. Hopefully, they just hadn't finished processing it and putting it in the computer and that's why it didn't show up in their system yesterday. I'll be calling again today, of course!

Camden is starting to read! For weeks now, he's been obsessed with finding words that start with the same letter and sound. Sometimes it's a fun game to play with him and sometimes it can get to be a bit old playing it over and over again, but I know it's just the way he learns. So this morning, he was trying his best to sound out the words on the Diet Pepsi box. Then Brian started spelling out letters for him to sound and say, and he was doing so well!

Oh, and by the way, Camden is definitely my son. He loves to sit on my lap and ask to look at dresses for Rory! It's hilarious! Last night he found one that he really liked (he could have had a little direction from me, but he has very strong opinions about which dresses he does and doesn't like). I asked him if he wanted to buy it for her and he said, "well, I don't have any money, but my daddy does."


Karen said…
I'm behind on your blog, but FIRST, WooHOO!! for the travel call coming in just a couple of weeks now. I'll keep praying that things move along. Second, THANKS for the link to this awesome artist. Her work is amazing. I saved her in my Etsy faves. You now have me thinking of decor for our second little one!

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