We're exhausted! Preparing to travel across the world for a week and meeting a new daughter is hard! We've spent ALL day today running errands, packing, hanging curtains (I know - why did I wait until now), and attending the last seminar which completes the official "educational" part of the adoption paperwork. The seminar actually ended up being fairly useful. It covered attachment and adjustment, and while there were many things that we had already planned on doing, it definitely confirmed that we will be doing the right thing. Another adoptive parent was there to share her story, and let's just say one of their children had many issues that we want to avoid.

We're supposed to talk to our agency tomorrow night after they've received word from Korea about when we'll meet Rory. I'll post specific flight information after we hear from them.


Kimberly said…
Deep breaths!! I'm so excited for you guys!! I remember that last day before the plane. Congratulations and safe journey!
Karen said…
I've been thinking about you guys all weekend! Our church family prayed for you guys for safe travels, too. I hope you get some rest in before tomorrow morning! I'm sure it will be a whirlwind!
M :-) said…
It's exhausting, isn't it?! By the time I arrived in Korea I wanted to collapse - but we had an entire day ahead of us. I think we were up for something like 48 hours staight. It was insane!

Thinking about you!

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