Countdown: 1.5 hours to go

1. I'm a basketcase. Apparently all the emotions have waited until now to come rushing out.
2. I'm having the worst hair day of my life on one of the most important days of my life.
3. I do not recommend watching this video of Losiah coming home if you're already emotional. (this is the video that convinced us to travel.) It did not help me to stop crying.
4. Brian left over an hour ago to look for some lunch and some flowers to give Mrs. Park. He's still not back.
5. I think we just might be really ready to come home. Well, after 2:00 today, of course.


Anonymous said…
I thought i'd check 1 more time before bed. Praying for you right now!
M :-) said…
Oh, Melissa ~ (((((hugs))))) I won't send you the link to Molly's videos right now then. I was bawling again this afternoon after watching them. I have never seen my husband cry, and he was crying so hard that day. It is such an emotional time. I dreaded that moment SO much, but you will be so grateful that you were able to experience it after you are home and are able to process everything that has happened.

Oh, and if you want to make yourself feel better ~ I'll send you a picture of me on the day that we got Molly. Talk about bad hair day - it was awful! ... and then we had to hop on a plane immediately (after bawling our eyes out) and travel halfway around the world, and then see people at the airport. I was horrified!

Angie said…
Just wanted to let you know we are praying for all of you right now! I watched the video you are talking about earlier today and I don't know them but I sat here and cried the whole time. Can't wait to see you with her in your arms!
Jodi said…
I've been thinking of you guys so much since you left for Korea. It's such a mixture of emotions...I'm sooo happy and excited for you guys and Camden, but at the same time it is so hard for the foster family and for Rory, as she transitions and grieves the life she is leaving behind. Praying for a smooth transition for all of you!
Chris said…
WOW- I have no idea who Losiah or his parents are but that video is right on. That is exactly what it was like.
THinking of you guys Melissa....
Vonda and John said…
Melissa - what a blessing it has been to follow your blog this far. My thoughts and prayers are with you for your trip home. I can't wait to see more SaRang pictures.


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